Thursday, June 22, 2017

I'm sensing a theme

Warm berries for brekkers
 Of good food, good conversations, and sunny naps.

From what I hear, the sun hasn't really been shining here since September~so everyone (including pets) is blissed out by the warmth.

Exquisite FRESH spinach, peas, asparagus gnocchi for a sunny lunch at Port Gamble.

Lemon tart custard~oh my!

the solstice of summer

You haven't lived until you've walked one of Seattle's hills with a large suitcase trying to push you into the Sound.  As I was wrangling my luggage (I usually travel very lightly, so this lugging around my big suitcase is a novelty) through Pioneer Square, I saw a cute cafe that looked so quiet and charming that I had to go in.  SO glad that I did as I had the best grits/eggs/potatoes outside of the South that I've ever had.


Been five years since my last ferry ride. 

The wheel thing is a new addition to the skyline, but the rest looked familiarly grey.

Spent a delightful afternoon, wandering Poulsbo and got to toast in Summer with the Sage girls.

We then spent the evening, sitting in the loveliest backyard~all bamboo, running water, and twinkly lights. 

I did not get a photo of all of us huddled in blankets while we ate dinner~but we were determined to enjoy the sunny evening outside.

Some beautiful blossoms by my pillow tonight.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

travelisaluxury, travelisaluxury

LA is still the icky smog-filled view I remember
If you've ever watched Father of the Bride II, you might remember a montage when a couple is driving home from the ob/gyn's where they just learned that they are going to be parents.  The mother is looking out on dreamy, glowing children and parents on the right sidewalk and the father is looking out the car on his side at hellions.

Yes, they have Peet's back east, but it tastes better in the west

That pretty much describes travel~at least with the masses.  I cannot speak to first class travels.  Yet. 

There were the 8 year-old twin jerks who were flinging themselves on everyone's luggage and riding it around the carousel.  There was the man eating a large can of Pringles with his mouth WIDE open. There was the person behind us who was in the final stages of lung rot.  The flight delays.

But then, there's the funny lady at the lunch counter who handed me my vege option with a "Chicken? Double chicken, right?" cackle.  The goofy pilot who came out and sauntered around the waiting room, just chit-chatting with his passengers.  The lovely former Texan grandmother just back from visiting her grands in VA (I LOVE those people because I can barrage them with all my photos of cuteness in VA.) And just all the variety in humanity that one gets to observe by moving out of the daily routine.  And, after driving across America a few times, it is astonishing to me that I can go from one Washington to the other in a few hours via air travel.

And now, I am freshly showered and ensconced in a darling Air BnB in Beacon Hill.   While I've been a musician for decades now, I cannot say that I have ever slept in a room with a giant harp!!  

Stay tuned for ferry boats and cousinly adventures.

Monday, June 19, 2017

leavin' on a jet plane

As the humidity hasn't lifted, we opted to play mini-golf indoors for Father's Day~added bonus that it was glow-in-the-dark!

Impossible to tell by this photo, but there are numerous red-winged-blackbirds swooping all over here. They seem to be highly opinionated birds.

Our last lunch for awhile, so the treat of fries was okayed by management. 

I shall miss this schedule of eating and walking and napping, but am looking forward to catching up with life in the PNW this week.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Curious as to why this fence is knocked over~it's nowhere near a road.  Enjoying the very greenness of my walks this weekend.  Hot & oh so humid here. 

Zingo (child's Bingo) card sharks~to mix metaphors.

I was told that I was very handsome yesterday, but my hair should be down around my face.  Love the no-filter conversations we're having.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

in the wind

First leg of my summer adventure went well~grabbed my suitcase, had a quick coffee chat, and hit the road to DC.  The afternoon was well spent in putting together puzzles and playing games with the 'Phew & Niecelet.  Topped with a delish dinner and a funny movie~great way to ease into the next chapter.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

just an ordinary day

Well, other than the final packing and cleaning and stepping out into the unknown.  But the usual mundanity of errands and meals is going on.  Enjoy this poem from our new poet laureate:


To rise early, reconsider, rise again later
to papers and the news. To smoke a few if time
permits and, second-guessing the weather,

dress. Another day of what we bring to it—
matters unfinished from days before,
regrets over matters we've finished poorly.

Just once you'd like to start out early,
free from memory and lighter for it.
Like Adam, on that first day: alone

but cheerful, no fear of the maker,
anything his for the naming; nothing
to shrink from, nothing to shirk,

no lot to carry that wasn't by choice.
And at night, no voice to keep him awake,
no hurry to rise, no hurry not to

~Tracy K Smith

Monday, June 12, 2017


Into DC to the Aveda Institute to fix my hairs today~of course, I went to that fab little vege place and had a crispy chicken sandwich.

As the metro was running smoothly today (maybe they make more of an effort during work days to keep the trains running?), I had an hour to spend prior to my appointment.  AND.  As it was cresting 100 degrees, I went into The National Portrait Gallery~a museum I've avoided for years, thinking that it was filled with sombre and tedious oil portraits.

I was delighted to be wrong.  This is the ceiling of the inner courtyard.  I actually ran out of time to see the entire thing (have a feeling that one never sees the entire Smithsonian exhibits), but enjoyed so much of what I did see.

Altars made entirely out of foil!

A groovy Hockney in black light.

Something swirly that reminded me of Wonka.

La Chandelle (candle flame)

Something large & whimsical~you ought to know by now that I rarely read the paragraph descriptions attached to exhibits.  I prefer to ramble around and to make up my own meanings.

A cool street view framed by stained glass.  Another fun urban outing AND I made it out to the hinterlands without hitting a deer tonight.  I also refrained from trying to snap a pic of the swarms of fireflies alongside the road.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

those mermaids

my new summer journals

moonlight & fire-flies
enchanting summer twilight
where will they lead me?

Friday, June 9, 2017

closed-eye luxury

No jump-starting the day,
no bare feet slapping the floor
to bath and breakfast.
Dozing instead
in the nest
like, I suppose,
a pair of gophers
in fuzz and wood shavings.
One jostles the other
in closed-eye luxury.
We are at last
what we are:
and breath
and dream.

"Weekends, Sleeping In" by Marjorie Saiser from Beside You at the Stoplight. © The Backwaters Press, 2010.

Update to this posting~it was all blaring alarms and beeping panels this morning.  I am so wide awake that I'm levitating.  So, while I am going to miss the concept of having a home for the next few weeks, I am grateful that I won't be dealing with this all summer.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

it's been a full eight days

and it's past time to belt out:  June is bustin' out all ooooovvver.

You're welcome for that fun little earworm.

Scored on today's walking change.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

just let go

It's funny how
if you just let go
of things they
will come to
you. That is to say
sometimes. So what
good is such a
Ah, it makes you
feel good to say
such things from
time to time,
as if you actually
and really and truly
knew something!

"For a Moment" by Ron Padgett from Collected Poems. © Coffee House Press, 2013.

Letting go~making space for the new.  If only it were as inwardly easy as it is to donate bags and boxes to the Goodwill.  Feeling grateful for some lazy summer days to allow what's next to float upwards.