Monday, May 21, 2018

foot fingers

Today's class was on body parts and my students kept saying 'foot fingers'. Turns out that in Arabic and Portuguese and Mongolian~the word for 'fingers/toes' is the same. We laughed and laughed over this.

The Potomac continues it's roaring way to the Chesapeake Bay.

Since traffic was ever so lovely tonight, I was able to get some good pics from my car.

Made it home prior to dark and was able to have a short walk~it is GORGEOUS out. 

Well, a leetle humid, but there was a breeze and the flowers were intense in colour and scent.

Remember that row of peonies? Fully blooming! 

A little bedraggled from being bashed with endless raindrops, but still pretty.

We're going to have a whole lotta blackberries later this summer. 

So symmetrical, it looks almost looks man-made.

And best of all? Dad is out of the hospital and happily enjoying Chinese food.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

walking & water

The Potomac was wild when I drove across it this morning! Guess we're in great shape for a growing season with all the rains we've had. 

My dad continues to improve~all needles and tubes are out and he's beginning to slowly zip around the 3NE wing.  After finding fermented peaches on his dinner plate, I popped down to the cafe to see if there were better options. He was very happy to have a mango bar~I imagine that once he's out of hospital, he will find a very willing mango ice cream accomplice in his eldest granddaughter. (She has some food allergies, so mango sorbet is her go-to summer treat.)

Hopefully the patient gets sprung tomorrow~I don't know how anyone can heal in a hospital. All those beepings and buzzings and crashing of myriad carts and the endless poking/prodding doesn't seem conducive to recuperation. 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Gloria Patrick

After I shared some good news about my dad's recovery, a friend texted the above title~noting, with a laugh that her phone evidently doesn't speak Latin. I thought she was being cool and trendy and voila! We have a new term. The conversation meandered through the hells of airport travel juxtaposed with our curiosity and interest in international travel and we decided that we needed our own private jet.

And here, it is!

Laughter may be the best medicine, but I'm sure that homemade love comes in a very close second. The Littles are missing time with their Boppa and are happily creating cards of cheer and healing wishes.

In case you're curious, today is St. Dunstan's Day. Somehow, I had never heard of the Devil & the tongs story before, but I enjoy thinking that my ancestor may have done this.

Friday, May 18, 2018

a great-full heart

Hey look~when you have a major surgery, not only do you get some nifty free socks, you get an autographable incision-cough pillow! Happy to report that Dad is doing well and will hopefully be out of ICU soon.

And in random historical news~on this day, in 1908, Mt. St. Helens blew. How do I remember that? Well, how many times in one's life does a volcano erupt? We were having a school picnic and had to evacuate the park in case of flooding. It was a couple eruptions later that our town got covered in ash.

Grateful that it's Friday and only one week of school left before a little gap of holiday time.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

paying it forward

As the hospital where Dad is at is far away from any Metro stop, the hospital provides a free shuttle service. Last night, I had Ms. Adams~one of the kindest and chattiest drivers I've experienced. I saw a sign at every stop/shuttle door with an email address to let them know about service. So, I sent an email last night letting the company know what a stellar employee they have~just got a reply that, because of my compliment, Ms. Adams will get a letter and gift from the president (no, not that one.) I hope it makes her day as she made mine!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

on the upside

So, Dad won a bypass tomorrow morning. The upside to all of this is that he's back here. It's nice to be able to pop into hospital to visit. We had a short visit as he finally got to his room. His surgery is early tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Or maybe it should be: TIRTIALT (Today I Remembered That I Already Learned This)~that communication is 93% nonverbal. Not sure if that takes pressure off being a language teacher or not, but it was an interesting class discussion.

We had a wild t-storm last night, but the weather is still hot & humid~hoping that it lifts soon!

Monday, May 14, 2018

roller coasters

Just about to head out to hear a concert by one of my favorite bands!!.  No doubt I will be deaf tomorrow, but totally worth it.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

girl on a train

Between storms. 

Think train travel is my favorite mode of transportation~after walking, of course. 

Wandered through Dupont Circle as my favorite patisserie was having a chocolate tasting. 

The most interesting flavor was the rose~it was like eating perfume.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

seeing the good things

"Life was full of good things, only most of the time they flew right past a person's nose before she had the common sense to pluck the feathers out of her nostrils."

~Emilie Richards

I think I may need this shoe.

Friday, May 11, 2018

just some beautiful words

"The old threads are unraveling,
Get your needles ready.
We are stitching a new quilt
of humanity.
Bring your old t-shirts,
worn out jeans, scarves,
antique gowns, aprons,
old pockets of plenty
who have held Earth's treasures,
stones, feathers, leaves,
love notes on paper.
Each stitch
A mindful meditation.
Each piece of material
A story.
The more colour the better,
so call in the tribes.
Threads of browns, whites,
reds, oranges
Women from all nations
start stitching.
Let's recycle the hate, the abuse,
the fear, the judgment.
Turn it over, wash it clean,
ring it out to dry.
It's a revolution
of recycled wears.
Threads of greens, blues, purples
Colourful threads
of peace, kindness,
respect, compassion
are being stitched
from one continent to the next
over forests, oceans, mountains.
The work is hard
Your fingers may bleed.
But each cloth stitched together
Brings together a community.
A world, our future world
Under one colourful quilt.
The new quilt of humanity."
~Julia Myers

And this really has nothing to do with the poem, just love this illustration by Diana Lapshina.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

oh, that pesky grain of hope

While we're nowhere near the new year~school or calendar, I saw these on my walk and immediately this poem popped into my head.

For the New Year, 1981

I break off a fragment
to send you.
Please take this grain of a grain of hope
so that mine won’t shrink.
Please share your fragment
so that yours will grow.
Only so, by division,
will hope increase,
like a clump of irises, which will cease to flower
unless you distribute
the clustered roots, unlikely source—
clumsy and earth-covered—
of grace.
~Denise Levertov

Looking forward to when this half a block's worth of peonies bursts into bloom~going to haunt this section of the street for the next couple of days to see it happen!

And this deliciousness just happened! First corn of the season.