Monday, October 22, 2018

when you just need the dessert

The torching was huge fun. Now I want a couple more torches and to use this for a party.

While the custard is cold, once you burn the sugar the edges of the ramekin heat up~this student didn't want to wait for the glass to cool down, so she slid her arm out of her sweatshirt and swaddled her dessert.

I'm going to miss this elective!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

one fine day

A brilliant fall day~if a bit breezy. 

Discovered that parking is free on the weekends at the Metro station, so that was cause enough to pop into DC. 

Construction at the site of the coming DDE Monument.

When it's nippy, the Botanic Gardens are always a good place for refuge.

Plus, the entry atrium is always gorgeously decorated. 

The Orchid Room is also a favorite spot of mine. 

Rare blossom...

Mainly my trip was to hear a talk/interview with this chef~it was hilarious and she was one of the more ebullient people I've heard. She was interviewed by a local math professor~I'm curious as to how they became friends.

And best of all? There were homemade noshes to be enjoyed after! I didn't buy her book there for a signing as it was double the price. But I have a feeling it may be my bday gift to myself this year.

I need to know how to make that yogurt dip with tarragon, and those flat breads that look like lefse.

A very cool temporary exhibit on the Mall for children to pose.

The Liberty Bell? (someone will get this joke.) 

As it was nice out, decided to hike down to visit with Lincoln~always heartening to read his words "we the living" and to see his steady gaze watching over DC. If only he could come back and be President for a bit. 

Penny found and an almost full moon watched me come home.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

miniature blessings

I discovered that you can make creme brulee in a toaster oven~it's not quite the same consistency, but it ought to serve well for Torching 101 Monday next!

It's a delightful evening~all the windows are open and autumnal breezes are wafting through my home. Laundry's almost done and lentils are simmering for next week's lunches.


Friday, October 19, 2018

my cup runneth over

Got a manicure to celebrate my new job~if I'm remembering correctly, I haven't had one since Austin, so it was time. Plotting my last cooking class for next week and yes, it involves a butane torch!

While I have lived near Trader's for the past year, I now live close to a brand new one! Brings me such joy.

The sis's feline was extra snuggly and friendly today~think sitting in the sunshine helped that. 

Sweetest little blondie.

Took the marzipan project to my Littles and my niece made ladybugs and pumpkins. 

And the 'phew went for a splendid giraffe and friendly turtle.

A joyful medley of tomatoes in Mexican pottery.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

what the tide brought it

This was going to be a post about all the small treats in today~from these yummy candies shared during the morning class to me beating the uppity computer at Scrabble. 

The marzipan class I taught after school,

and the helpful workshop I attended this evening with my other ESl colleagues. 

But it's mostly going to be a deep sighing relief that a full-time job just landed in my lap.

Details to come as we figure them out, but I am staying at ILA and shifting positions. 
Just the biggest exhale of gratitude...

Monday, October 15, 2018

from the rising of the sun, to the setting

I've been out of the house~in the warm rain, so there really wasn't sun involved. But my pretty new notebook kicked off the day nicely.

Tortilla/salsa making happened today.

We did a corn salsa instead of tomato.

I'm tellin' ya~we need to run a food truck for ILA (International Language Academy)~it would be a hoot and a half.

After all of that, I sludged up to Bethesda for a very full evening of music lessons. Happy to say that my slate is completely full for Mondays! Now, if I could just have a helicopter for commuting, my life would be greatly improved.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


A large fox cavorting about outside my door this morning.

Spending a rainy afternoon, playing trains with the 'phew.

My niece is so stylish! And, at six months, the cutest little cuddle bug with two new teeth.

Saturday, October 13, 2018


I finally got myself organized enough to pack walking clothes to take to work and change. As I no longer live directly on the W & OD Trail, I have to drive to it. Fortunately, there is a small parking lot directly on my way home, so I can still walk occasionally.

This newly chilled air made everyone super energetic today~even the squirrels were manically chirping and chasing each other madly around the shrubberies.

Feeling very proud as I made it in/out of my meandering suburban life without the gps today. It feels like I live five suburbs off from one route to work and two from the other. Now, to find the back road to Trader's.

An exciting Saturday night of laundry~but, after seven hours of teaching, it's nice to be doing something quiet and simple.