Friday, November 30, 2018

the good

Turning the literal page on this month of November~it's been a full month. Fun outings and quiet snuggle time with my Littles. Beach trip. Working an election. First full month of a new job. A botanical retreat discovered. One short foray into DC. LEFSE. Thanksgiving feast and birthday wishes.

And now it's time for quiet winter joys~Advent candles or crispy latkes, carols and gingerbread treats.

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Waking too early at least allows one to see a bit of daylight and a stellar sunrise.

Been thinking about perspective and especially self-perception the past few weeks. A couple of weeks ago when I was having a wretched hair/skin day, a student stopped at the front desk and gave me an entire paragraph of compliments. (and her English is very basic, so it was quite something!) Today~again with the less than stellar hair/skin (although the outfit was borderline cute), someone from the office across the hall popped her head in to say how much she loves looking at my hair every day to see the beautiful style I choose.

Their words are like the little twinkles of neighborhood lights that I see driving home. Perhaps teeny, but providing such a burst of cheer.

And, that of course, makes me wonder if I'm spreading enough sparkles at present.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

joy is where you make it

I'm saying this with zero (okay, maybe 1%) self-pity~I won't be decorating my home this season. Or at least, not until after I move~still TBA. 

So, I've taken extra joy in decking my work halls and spreading festiveness into every corner of the school. We've got a gingerbread house making day planned and we're learning some songs/crafts to take to a retirement home. It's time for some fierce light spreading.

Monday, November 26, 2018


The first day of our new school session flew by. Please admire my magical tool kit from my b-i-l, a few Christmas's ago. It came to the rescue today for some assembly needs.

Back in my old classroom and am happy to have the flags around me again~very fun group of students~seven women from all around Saudi Arabia. While they've been at the school, I hadn't taught them before, so am enjoying getting to know them.

And I have googly eyes on my office computer. Those, with my jingle bell bracelet on my stick shift brought me a lift today.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

come, take a walk

 To celebrate a break in the frigid rains and the waning hours of holiday, went to a local botanical garden~gorgeous! I'm considering getting a season pass AND of course, I want to go back at night for their Christmas walk.

A Korean bell garden.

A red oak from Thoreau's woods.

It's not a Virginia park without a log cabin of some sorts. 

Of course my Prince reads! 

A Tea Garden to which I'll bring the Littles in the spring. 

A sign in the Fairy Garden.

It's lovely to be home during the day~and speaking of homes, finger's crossed~I may have just found my new one. And this one comes with a two-year lease~I am done with the moving nonsense.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Giving Thanks~whatever the day

A very short holiday project that was scrapped because it was too hard & hurt the fingers. I still ended up with a lovely bracelet that's now wrapped around my stick shift and will provide holiday cheer as I sit in traffic. 

Just besotted with this babe. She's a drooling machine right now as more teeth are appearing.

That pretty table runner? Is one of my sister's bday gifts and it is a hot pad~genius invention. 

Baby's sporting her first pearl. 

The first batch of lefse of 2018 AND the first batch in their new home.

I'm never gonna make it through his high school graduation~got so teary listening to him play his first song for me. And I loved that it was one of my Christmas favs~Jolly Old St. Nicholas. 

Many hands make messy work~but hopefully some wonderful (Ebola-laced) memories.

SOOOOO delicious.

Family humour.

Lighting of candles...

Time for feasting~and none of us took a photo of the food or the people. 

Hearts & tummies are full.

Friday, November 23, 2018

bday blessings continue

Meanwhile~on the Left Coast~the Griswolds are alive and well! 

Had a pile of birthday loot at my sis~including this card. 

Lots of love to put on my bookshelves.

Little planter box~time to find the perfect little herb to grow.

First school photo!

Some very fun pasta.

And not pictured, is my fab new air fryer!!! Now I have the weighty decision of what to fry first...