Sunday, November 4, 2018

pumpkin patchin'

When you class up your garage with a chandelier. 

Today I learned that there was a fleet of arks with Noah. 

A truly gorgeous fall day to spend at the pumpkin patch.

Tempted to ask if I can move into one of these tiny houses once they close the place for the winter. 

Baby's first hayride. 

Apple cider doughnuts in the sunshine.

A mini-cow train.

Came home $.02 richer and with a cute mini-pumpkin.

My mini-fridge is full of everything sliced/diced/cooked/packaged up. Bring on the marathon week~I'm mostly rejuvenated and ready for it.


  1. Nice! - All but the work of moving. Love the photos.

  2. Your fridge looks like ours - but I hope yours is cooler... you have car stupidity, I have fridge stupidity. Grateful Sears Appliance Center hasn't gone out of business quite yet.

    I swear alternators go out at some pre-set mileage. Our car is making weird noises, too, and I am SO over vehicles entirely!

    1. I JUST replaced it in Feb so am hoping it's covered by warranty.