Monday, November 5, 2018

500 miles

Not really, but I hit FIVE HUNDRED days of French lessons!!!! This past year has been one of constant upheaval, so I am uber proud that I have maintained this daily consistency. 

And I learned a new Jamaican word today~frizzlin'. The FexEd guy came in with our deliveries and I asked if it was still raining and he said it was only frizzlin'. It's a delightful word and perfectly descriptive.

Headed to bed with a grateful heart that my car lurched through the day and it was my LAST 14 hour work day. Woot!!!


  1. The Doric Scots word for frizzle is "smirr." The word used on the Borders is ..."mizzle." (Which suits, because a child whingeing and not really crying for purpose is said to be grizzling, so that works out.) So, now you have three words (although, my favorite Scots word is stoating, which is when it's raining so hard the drops bounce and stain your tights. "Plowtery" is also prime, which is a messy shower that just keeps starting and stopping, leaving the most annoying of puddles... another Doric word is "oorlich," and it's just nasty clamminess.

    The Scots: they know from rain.
    Congratulations on your French. I rarely manage more than an unbroken cycle of twenty or so days, because I tend to not do my Dutch lessons at the same time of day - sometimes after midnight, which counts as doing it twice the next day, which, by their lights, doesn't count. But, meh.

    Is that a folly across the pond, or a real building?

    1. Ha! Like the Eskimos and their words for snow!!

      I love all the 'zz' words~must start to use them. Stoating sounds as though young pigs are pelting from the sky (yes, I know they're shoats.)

    2. Since a stoat is also a denizen of Scotland, and it's a wee vicious little weasel... just imagine those pelting you from the sky. And RUN.