Sunday, November 18, 2018

my new year eve

While traffic was just a treat today, I did get to drive 70 mph again. That hasn't happened in a long time with Beltway traffic. 

Walked into the hotel lobby and was surprised to see my name! 

Also am surprised that this is my 3rd birthday in Virginia~rather interesting chapters in my first half-century. 

Always happy to have free snacks and balloons!

A quick homage to Neptune before the sun set.

While it's not the Pacific, it is still good to breathe salt air and hear the crash of waves.  

Off for a postprandial stroll to ponder the new year.


  1. Welllll, it's not the Little Mermaid, but it'll do.

    1. ;) Bummed they're not turning on Xmas lights until after Tday.