Saturday, November 24, 2018

Giving Thanks~whatever the day

A very short holiday project that was scrapped because it was too hard & hurt the fingers. I still ended up with a lovely bracelet that's now wrapped around my stick shift and will provide holiday cheer as I sit in traffic. 

Just besotted with this babe. She's a drooling machine right now as more teeth are appearing.

That pretty table runner? Is one of my sister's bday gifts and it is a hot pad~genius invention. 

Baby's sporting her first pearl. 

The first batch of lefse of 2018 AND the first batch in their new home.

I'm never gonna make it through his high school graduation~got so teary listening to him play his first song for me. And I loved that it was one of my Christmas favs~Jolly Old St. Nicholas. 

Many hands make messy work~but hopefully some wonderful (Ebola-laced) memories.

SOOOOO delicious.

Family humour.

Lighting of candles...

Time for feasting~and none of us took a photo of the food or the people. 

Hearts & tummies are full.