Tuesday, November 6, 2018


While I have always voted~from that first time in the college dining commons~today I worked my first election. Still processing all the memories from today~but it was an incredible experience. I kept tearing up to see all ages and all nationalities pouring through the doors to vote. People with oxygen tanks, with wheelchairs, with walkers, with canes, hacking up their lungs with pneumonia, toting babies~we processed over 2000.

2000. In one precinct. I was the only new worker and I was wide-eyed with the excitement of learning process~the pros were ecstatic as we closed the polls with 60% voter turnout. 

So many more things to process, but it was nice to experience democracy and citizenship at a neutral and involved level.


  1. Nice scarf, too. ☺
    This county gives out I Voted By Mail stickers - but I ADORED the images of voter stickers elsewhere. Alaska stickers were adorbs, but Pittsburg's remain the best, as they've taken the Steelers emblem and added a Star of David and the phrase "Stronger Than Steel," which is beautiful and hopeful. How much you wanna bet that 2020 will have competitive sticker-ing?? I'm here for it, though.

    1. Oooo~I hadn't see Pittsburg's! I forgot to get a shot of the fun stickers we had for kids.

      I'm definitely signing up to work the 2020 election. Whichever zip code I'm in!