Wednesday, November 30, 2016

as the ad says,

Priceless!  Just matted and framed my original leaf print from the Littles.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Just began a term with probably the craziest schedule I've had as a teacher.  Living in 15 minute increments to get to Christmas break.

Fiercely looking for the beauty and joys and today was full of them.

Monday, November 28, 2016

say cheese

Some days just need some delicious cheddar with pepperdews in it. 

After six hours of 'how to use the internet as an educator' training, it was time to walk in the wintery twilight~two pennies were added to my coffers as a result.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

bribery and rising strong

So much fun to watch the almost levitation level of excitement of the Littles and their Christmas tree.   

I knew it would take heavy bribery to get me to leave all of that, so I swung by a Trader's and got one box of these delicious treats.

I was so delighted to find a birthday book waiting for me at the post~Brene Brown's Rising Strong.  Thank you, Cali friends!  Exquisite timing. 

My illegal Christmas tree~it's right by a closet, should the fire inspector come.  But I truly don't care~this is my home~however temporary and I need the cheer.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

cocooned with cuteness

Using Mama's new birthday gift to make Mickey Mouse pancakes. 

New festive plates.

It's like that dress meme where you can argue what colour it is~silver or...


Little girl's first LBD. 

It has been an ideal holiday~from the beach to the art to the aquarium to long talks to time with the Littles and LOTS of good food.  Not ready to leave and go back into the cold, cruel world.

Friday, November 25, 2016

my cup overflows

Special cupcake for Nin's birthday on Wednesday. 

A rare nanosecond of stillness prior to the gleeful cupcake dance~complete with "num~num" at every bite. 

Very nice to have a lake to walk around again. 

With these two around, we won't have to blow out our own candles nor open our own presents for a few years~they are most willing participants in celebration of any kind.  We've been singing 'happy birthday' (complete with candle-blowing-out at every meal this week.)

Love that French fries are equal to love for family members! 

Lefse 2016. 

Nothing beats that first fresh buttery piece~eaten straight out of the pan.

We went with personal pickle plates this year~why pretend that you're only going to have a couple of slices?

And the picky palate dared to eat half a piece of lefse this year!

Hope all y'all had a lovely day filled with good food and good company.

Thursday, November 24, 2016


It may have been the Dalai Lama who said that to keep your world/mind/heart open, to go some place new every year.  Scrolling through these recent blog posts, I will say that I've done that quite a bit lately.  Added another new place explored when I reconnected with a high school classmate in the Georgetown 'hood. 

She introduced me to her favourite French cafe~where, of course, I had 'shroom crepes.  Divine!

More birthday celebrating~this time in the form of deep chocolate and raspberry. 

We've decided to not let another 25 years pass by~while friends can be made throughout life, and I am grateful for all the depth and joy and vibrancy new friends bring~there is just something about the friendships you form while in your teens.

Stay tuned for piles of lefse...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Little Miss wanted to sniff the birthday cake~they're both a little young to grasp that their Mama and I don't really care for cake and have pie for our birthdays. In their eyes, if you stick a candle in it and sing to someone, it's birthday cake. 


Now.  Now, I believe my birthday has been celebrated!

My delightful goodies~sans the box of gorgeous truffles that are in an undisclosed location at present.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

time is but a stream

Dawning of year forty-seven~those numbers seem so odd in connection with myself.  Most days, I still feel 19.

Nice to see the Norwegian flag~there's a sister city somewhere across the Atlantic.

The Four Horsemen~with Disney overtones.

Since the temps plunged overnight and the wind was blasting the sand, decided to visit the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art instead of one final beach walk.  Fun place~very small.  It was a short visit as a church rents their auditorium on Sundays and a praise service was blastingly under way.

I keep thinking it would be a fun creative writing exercise to hand students each a photo and have them write the placard to accompany the art work.  

This was painted well before the election, but I like the sentiment.

An entire room as art~have not seen that before.  Wasn't sure if we were allowed to sit in the bean bags or not, but as I had a car ride ahead of me, didn't really need to rest.

This is actually a painting~but it looks so much like a photograph.  The artist did an entire series on astronauts.  I will spare you the precious verbiage. 

This was a cool diorama~complete with audio and some video.  Could see this being a fun project with students. 

And pics of a cement truck for all the 'phews in my life. 

Not my favourite Chihuly at all, but still fun to admire.

And why is a photo of my smushed car in the 'daily joys' blog?  Because the guy who hit me, left all his info and is taking care of the insurance as soon as offices open (I'm writing this Sunday afternoon.)  And.  It's only cosmetic damage, so I am still able to get to my Thanksgiving and city shenanigans.