Tuesday, November 15, 2016

let there be light

Literally.  (at least, indoors.  Am bummed that it's raining here and am unable to see the super moon that is supposed to be rising tonight.)  As winter is setting in and it's dark a lot~ordered a floor lamp for reading in bed.  And yes, it's supposed to go over a sofa, but it works well.  And besides~who is here to judge it?

Have a lovely new stack of books from the library and had my first vegeburger from a local joint.  I'll say the burger was good, but the raved upon french fries were more like potato chips.  Cold potato chips, when I was hoping for hot greasy goodness this cold rainy night.  

And, at our mandatory all-school assembly today to address the orange elephant in our country, our chaplain and one dean began the conversation about racism and sexism that will be addressed in smaller groups in the days to come.

But the best?  Is that I'm mere days away from time at the beach.


  1. We're trying to plan a getaway at Christmas to look forward to; you just have to sort of live life in increments sometimes -- one breath, one step, one period, one day, one week, one quarter, one semester...

    1. Yes! "One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats." Iris Murdoch

      I think it's fine to remove "happy" from the sentence~>t still rings true!