Friday, November 18, 2016

like a wind that i catch in my hair

MCHS Honors Choir 2007 with my b-day cookie
I should have stayed in Canada ~1974 

Manhattan with Mike & Ann & my very crooked necklace, 2008

Yes, I use this poem every year~it's becoming my personal anthem.  Today's blog is simply a photo montage of the random photos that I have on the current laptop~realising that I've had a lot of metaphoric wind through my hairs!  Wonder what the next swirl around the sun will be bringing~this past year was less than stellar and I am looking forward to turning the page on it.  That's pretty much the nicest thing I can say for my past year.

But.  One of the nicer bits to gaining age, is also gaining a smidgen of perspective.  As I scroll through these pics, I realise that however my personal years go, overall?  I am a lucky girl.  My life maybe hasn't been conventional, but it's been interesting and I have some rather fabulous people in it.  It is easy to give thanks for that.

i am running into a new year
and the old years blow back
like a wind
that i catch in my hair
like strong fingers like
all my old promises and
it will be hard to let go
of what i said to myself
about myself
when i was sixteen and
twentysix and thirtysix
even thirtysix but
i am running into a new year
and i beg what i love and
i leave to forgive me
The Alaska years with Escobar and Sage kidlets 

Vicious game of Old Maid at Bob & Ellen's

Three girls in tubs~Willamina 1970 (?)

Back off, the dishes are mine to wash

First time at the Met, Rigoletto 2009
with Moreau alum at a wedding in Carmel, 2009

Cousin Ryan, Princeton 2009

Aunt Ellen making me pretend to sing at Valley Forge, 2009
No, I'm not conducting in a pink tutu~am actually sewing a costume moments before the curtain for Crazy for You, due to our actual costumer being drugged out of her gourd~long and funny story.  Moreau, 2007
Something in Seattle, 2010

Dunston cousins~saying good-bye to Uncle Jerry

Gotta have just one photo in here of my Bogart

Teaching Seattle ESL guys how to make tortillas, pizza, and cookies~not necessarily all in the same lesson

Cousin Ann & I~Austin 2012

Christmas kisses 2014

Gossip and cakes~circa 1977

Fabulous music colleagues at Trinity

Introducing my 'phew to the wonders of Traders 

Lessons & Carols, 2015

Dallas Choral Festival, April 2016
DC History trip & getting to see my Littles, May 2016

Wearing purple now~forget that 'when I grow old' nonsense


  1. Enjoyed pics of your trip down memory lane. Liked times we could see you. The poem is lovely. Wishing you something/someone grand as you begin another year of living one day at a time.

  2. Happy bday early. Your gift will have to wait 'til you get back to school, because I neglected to get the address to have it delivered - and I can't use a PO Box!