Sunday, November 6, 2016

Oh, long may it waaaaaa-veh

While I've been lucky enough to see the original Star Spangled Banner lyrics at the Smithsonian, this was my first visit to Ft. McHenry.   

Interesting place to walk around~especially as one gets to hear many tourists trying to whistle the 1812 Overture.

As you can see, it was brisk and breezy out on the point.  After this toxic election cycle, it was a mental palette cleansing visit.  

One last yummy meal in the city (paneer kabobs) and then back to the weeds for the final week of the trimester.


  1. Ooh, paneer kabobs. I have avoided Indian food since being back in the US - after the endless options in the UK, I'm kind of burned out - but that looks really good!

    The plethora of historical sites on the East Coast is one of the weirder things about it - walking past battlefields, etc. etc. - doesn't really do it for me, as I don't remember who did what, most of the time, but my next trip to DC holds a trip to the Library of Congress and the Museum of the American Indian and African American Museum - can't wait for those.

    1. Yes, it's still weird to see freeway exits with famous sites~just ya know? The Manassas exit.

      The entire school got passes in Dec for the new museum!!!!