Saturday, November 12, 2016

guess what?

Yes!!!  More photos of brilliant blue skies and crisp orange leaves.  I wish that I could send the feel of the air along with the blog~it's invigorating.

We celebrated St. Margaret's Day this afternoon~complete with requisite tootling wheezing bagpipes and a procession through the village.  I will try to snag some photos from the school pr department. 

A little annoyed that there was technical difficulties in getting choir photos~they did me proud with the Tallis Canon~showing their growth in diction, articulation, stage presence, intonation, and breathing.  I told them that this was their final exam for the term.   I LOVE grading choir finals compared to marking stacks of essays.

While I am not normally one to join the wear-a-coloured-wrist-band or change-your-fb-photo as what feels like mob mentality and futile gestures; after some late night discussions in the dorm about the racial divide on our campus, I felt as though I should wear a pin.  I am still a fairly unknown entity here and I could imagine being seen as only 'the white chick from Texas'.  So.  I want the students who don't know me (hopefully the ones that do already know!) that I am a safe area and I will stand up for them.


  1. The little church is so cute - I'm glad you guys get to use it for your high celebrations. And, I'm glad your students are able to speak to you... there is a lot of aggression and some horrible things happening on high school and university campuses in this country, really, really horrible things, awfully close to home (- Napa! Petaluma!) and it is heartbreaking for those who are already so fragile just due to adolescence. It is my hope that they become shelters themselves.

    1. It's even here, on our campus. We're having a mandatory assembly this afternoon~while I appreciate that, it won't change how some of the girls are talking. We need to do small groups or something more interactive and practical.