Friday, November 25, 2016

my cup overflows

Special cupcake for Nin's birthday on Wednesday. 

A rare nanosecond of stillness prior to the gleeful cupcake dance~complete with "num~num" at every bite. 

Very nice to have a lake to walk around again. 

With these two around, we won't have to blow out our own candles nor open our own presents for a few years~they are most willing participants in celebration of any kind.  We've been singing 'happy birthday' (complete with candle-blowing-out at every meal this week.)

Love that French fries are equal to love for family members! 

Lefse 2016. 

Nothing beats that first fresh buttery piece~eaten straight out of the pan.

We went with personal pickle plates this year~why pretend that you're only going to have a couple of slices?

And the picky palate dared to eat half a piece of lefse this year!

Hope all y'all had a lovely day filled with good food and good company.

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