Saturday, November 5, 2016

old friend, new city

Bits and snippets from my first outing to Baltimore~beginning with the coolest kitchen toy.  How have I NEVER seen a French butter dish?  This would have been so handy in Texas.  It uses water to keep the butter from liquefying, yet allows it to sit on the counter and be spreadable.

Delish chilequiles near the waterfront~good eats and good chatting.

My friend's friend's glass shop~Wholly Terra.

One of those perfectly crisp autumn days. 

Yes.  I have found my shop.  Stay tuned for the cutest blue boots ever to make their debut.


  1. Shoes and chocolate.
    Okay, someone was trying to cater to a specific audience there!

    1. A friend commented if they served cocktails, women would simply move into the space forever.