Thursday, November 24, 2016


It may have been the Dalai Lama who said that to keep your world/mind/heart open, to go some place new every year.  Scrolling through these recent blog posts, I will say that I've done that quite a bit lately.  Added another new place explored when I reconnected with a high school classmate in the Georgetown 'hood. 

She introduced me to her favourite French cafe~where, of course, I had 'shroom crepes.  Divine!

More birthday celebrating~this time in the form of deep chocolate and raspberry. 

We've decided to not let another 25 years pass by~while friends can be made throughout life, and I am grateful for all the depth and joy and vibrancy new friends bring~there is just something about the friendships you form while in your teens.

Stay tuned for piles of lefse...


  1. Fun! We heard from my Dad's boys this year - and I reconnected with one I haven't heard from/spoken with in at least that long. I guess the most tenuous links feel worth gathering more tightly these days. Blest be those ties...

    1. It was as though it was 1989 & we just picked up our last conversation. Nourishing, that.