Sunday, November 13, 2016

I don't know if cookies are a cure,

but it can't hurt to see if they can make a small fraction of the world a little bit comforted.

As it got down to 29 degrees last night, it felt good to have the oven going for awhile. 

My thanks to the people on campus who were there when Bogart left, who have commiserated with me about the insane bureaucracy of this place, and those who have given practical tips for survival in the weeds. Here comes Exam Week.


  1. This is the month of lovely gestures. Or, rather, the kick-off of the four years of lovely gestures. I got new stationery and am beginning to write Actual Letters (TM) because it's necessary to have examples of class and graciousness as a tangible reminder of who we are.

    1. Class & Graciousness!!! So much yes.