Saturday, September 30, 2017

help~giving & receiving it

There are days when I walk by this marquee and want to send a rock through it.  But I s'pose it's a good reminder to not quit before the miracle. 

I'm realizing lately, that I don't accept help very often. Today~because I asked for help, my cousin drove his truck (stick-shift, diesel~I would have had a tough time driving it) to Tappahannock and I had help loading the rest of my boxes out of my old apartment. With three of us, it took about 15 minutes.

If I done it by myself, it would have taken much longer and I would have been in a complete spiral of how much I hate my current life. Instead, we enjoyed a drive in the gorgeous autumn afternoon and dined on yummy burgers and fries. And now all my worldly goods are in the same storage unit.

And best of all???! OhGLORYHalelujah~I have two boxes of clothes/shoes/handbags/scarves to rummage through tomorrow. Clothes for cooler weather and professional clothes for my new job. I know it's a minor thing in the course of things, but I've been wearing the same clothes non-stop since early June~so I'm thrilled to have different colours and outfits to wear again.

Here's to hope.

Friday, September 29, 2017

how one lands

When I was five, my father,
who loved me, ran me over
with a medium-sized farm tractor.

I was lucky though; I tripped
and slipped into a small depression,
which caused the wheels to tread

lightly on my leg, which had already
been broken (when I was three)
by a big dog, who liked to play rough,

and when I was nine, I fell
from the second-floor balcony
onto the cement by the back steps,

and as I went down I saw my life go by
 and thought: “This is exactly how
Wiley Coyote feels, every time!

Luckily, I mostly landed on my feet,
and only had to go on crutches
for a few months in the fifth grade—

and shortly after that, my father,
against his better judgment,
bought the horse I’d wanted for so long. 

All the rest of my luck has to do
with highways and ice—things that
could have happened, but didn’t. "

My Luck by Joyce Sutphen © Red Dragonfly Press, 2010

While waiting for luck and landings to happen, it's lovely to have fresh French pastries and snuggling kitty cats with which/whom to pass the time. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

sometimes no is a yes

Just said no thank you to a job. It was for too little monies, no benefits, long hours, and? because it is smack in the middle of Fairfax Co., I couldn't afford to live anywhere near the school, so there would be a vile commute.

It's unnerving to do this, but I know that it's the right call. Waiting to hear from Monday's interview and have another one lined up for this Friday.

Ever onwards.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

pas a pas

Whole lotta kale ready to be transformed into healthy chips. 

Guess what's for dinner tonight?!

A reminder to try to be that feather on the breath of God of which Hildegard von Bingen wrote.

Monday, September 25, 2017

oy, the shvitzing

Had an interview in Georgetown today for a studio position~the nearest Metro is 1.5 miles away. It was 96 degrees.  Even with walking slowly (for me), I was melting and sweat was just pouring off me all during the interview. It went well and I'll hear back soon.

Really ready for autumn weather. And a job. And a flat to call my own. Thanks for all the good wishes/support/candles/prayers!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

all creatures great/small

Another sweet kitty all curled up during movie night. 

Since I decided it was too hot to attend the outdoor showing of Aida (Kennedy Center was projecting it at the ballpark for free), took myself to the National Zoo instead. 

Enjoyed watching the panda having a snack~she very deliberately would pick up one stalk at a time and nibble at it. 

Can't decide if I like tamarins or lemurs better~they both have such droll little faces and fun fur markings. 

You can juuust see the ears of this teeny armadillo.  

It was feeding time and these guys got little packages of food wrapped in newspapers. 

He's not very enthralled with the crowds~unlike his neighbor who swung around and hung her bum out against the window and defecated to the shrill horror of all the little kids in the crowd.


The last time I visited here, Josh was 8-9 months old.  You may remember some photos of naughty Giuseppe? 

He's still at it! He came trotting right up to his sleeping friend and rolled into him and kicked around. 

Couldn't not get a reflection, but these mantas must have been 4-5 feet across. Biggest I think I've seen~even in the Florida Keys. 

Someone doesn't seem that interested in lunch. 

I forgot what this is (yes, I really ought to snap the placards so I remember), it was one of the cooler reptiles I saw. 

Pretty sure I need this sparkly glowing fish~it would be a soothing nightlight.

Seemed counterintuitive on this hot/humid day to go into the tropics house, but I'm glad that I did as most of the animals are free-range. 

These two were highly interactive with people~even nipping a baby's toes.

Crackalackin! (If you haven't seen Madagascar, you might enjoy it.  I rarely like animated films, but it's a fun one.) 

This was a vertigo-inducing escalator out of the metro. Haven't seen any this deep since London.

And now you'll know where to find me when the nuclear craziness begins.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

bits of sweetness

caramel French toast to kick off a new season!

Genius idea to hook pulls onto the bins, so one can simply step outside the kitchen and toss things.

Hard to see, but Obsidian is my little shadow.  Here he is all curled up, purring & napping.  In addition to all the great meals I've had this summer, it's been a joy to be with all the household pets as well~Max, Alex, Goldie, Ginger, Guppy, Cinnamon, Ella, Ari, Obsidian, Maurice/Juarez, Chausette, and Cecily. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Still humid and icky, but the leaves are getting SO pretty. 

I was allowed in the kitchen today~cooking is such a meditative and joyful activity for me.  (and yes, I realize that I'm not cranking out three squares a day for picky and/or ungrateful eaters.) There is just a simple and visceral satisfaction in taking raw ingredients and creating something yummy.

Enjoy the alchemy of slicing/dicing/browning/broiling and presenting a meal to share.  Stirring polenta for a good fifty minutes was a very calming way to spend the afternoon.

'Shrooms & polenta.  

Two potential interviews lined up~say a prayer, light a candle, release a balloon.  Something has got to give very soon.