Friday, February 28, 2014

blue dahlias

There is such joy in eating excellent food~and when that joy is shared with another soul who adores cuisine, then you've the ingredients (yes, groan) for a lovely evening.  Was introduced to a fabulous bistro and I will be returning.

Here are the exquisite mushroom crepes with a bleu/Parmesan cheese sauce~the ratio of 'shrooms to the rest of the dish was what truly made the dish.  

Then!  As we were leaving, my friend gave me a yummy cupcake~which I just enjoyed for brekkers.  Thanks, J, for another great Austin eating experience.


  1. I adore a good pun. I also adore good 'shrooms.
    That doesn't sound quite right... but I'm going to go ahead and leave it at that.

    1. Think it's probably an appropriate sentence for this town!

      Still reveling in those flavors.