Thursday, August 14, 2014

adieu to my five days o' summer

Had the most delicious pizza while attending an outdoor showing of Back to the Future.   So much fun to be back in 1985 for a bit.  (I've googled it and no one can explain how the heat SPIKES here after dark.  It's cooler at 6, than at 10.  But I digress.)

Tomorrow kicks off two days of new teacher orientation, followed by an entire week of in-service.  Wheeeeeee.


  1. Is the entire week of in-service unusual in your experience? It sounds like at least you'll be THOROUGHLY grounded in everything, not having to wonder if you can find a piano, a la St. Toxin's...

  2. Yes, this is a thorough induction~two days of just new teacher stuff and then five days of all-staff.