Saturday, November 21, 2015

want ALL the puppies

Started volunteering at this incredible organization this morning.  It's bit of a mixed blessing~I do get to have my puppy fix, but it's heart-breaking to see so many abandoned pets.   And I want to adopt them ALL.  Or, mostly all.  I'll skip the 130 lb Mastiff that I met this morning. 

But it is heartening, in a world of shrieking politicians and horrors, to feed a baby kitten or walk an antsy dog and know that something small has shifted towards kindness in the dark.


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  2. Kill me with kittens, why don't you...
    I would not be able to stand a day without tucking them all in my pockets and bringing them home -- only to feel the wrath of three elder kittehs upon my head.

  3. You must have special Volunteer Day outfits that you don't mind getting...kittified. And puppified. I just remember your sister's dog widdling on my foot when we first met... It is nice to get out of one's head and realign the scope of one's troubles with a small pet on one's lap. Or a toddler. Same amount of chaos...

  4. Aww! Good thing Andrew is practical or I'd have a whole menagerie, animals have such an innocence about them! When the word is over my head, first pace I go is to my dogs.