Saturday, March 26, 2016

gone batty

After all the time I've spent exploring Austin, I've yet to truly experience the bats in Austin.

Tonight, some friends organized a lake outing and we lucked out in both perfect weather and umpteen bats.

We all hoped that whomever Erin was, that she said yes!

My bank!  Still need to find a way to visit the top floor of it.

I've wondered since I've been here what this random tower was~found out that it's one of the original fire houses of the city.

Hard to describe what millions of bats sound (and smell) like.

Gorgeous evening in a gorgeous city.

Happy Easter to all y'all.


  1. What a nice outing for you. Another way to see the city. Not sure about the bats, though.

  2. It was fun & insect free! That's one great thing about the bats.

  3. I expect the smell... was ... fierce. But, I do love bats, so I suspect that they would be something one could overlook...

    1. And it helped that it was mild~I cannot (or don't wish to) imagine what it's like on a 114 degreed day!