Saturday, March 19, 2016

spring, sprung, sprang

Planted some cat nip a few hours ago (okay, maybe not) and this hot humidity has encouraged it to grow like crazy.

Daffodils remind me of Uncle Bob & Aunt Ellen's farm outside of Portland~please note the darling new photos of my VA 'phew and niece in the background.

A new colouring book for me~am surprised that I didn't choose the swear word mandala version.  I'll most likely regret that during tech week of the musical.

Bogart enjoying his live buffet.


  1. I haven't planted a pot full of wheat in many years during Easter week, but it's lovely to see your catnip!

    1. It's now four inches high. But with last night's frost, it is looking a little bewildered this morning.

  2. I keep seeing those adult coloring books! Fun?

  3. Yes~I find it soothing & it's a great way to spend time while waiting.