Wednesday, May 7, 2014

some days just need naps & treats

As there were no pecans to be found at last weekend's Pecan Festival....decided to patronize this little shop which was just reviewed in a local food column.


Yes, I nibbled on the Three Amigos (black beans, tomatoes, and chilis) selection during teaching~delish treat for this edgy week of apartment hunting.


  1. Those tarts look way delicious. Best wishes on finding a better apartment - sorry you have to move again!

  2. They were! I must go back & sample some different flavours.

    This is a fairly low-stree (ahahaha) move~it's only because they were raising the rents on my current place.

  3. Ooh, the lemon is beautiful, none of that nasty meringue!
    Interesting that it's a savory pie; really, the British have raised those to art, so it's nice to be reminded that before I had those, tamales pretty well ruled!

    1. The lemon was DIVINE~perfectly tart.

      Am pleased to say that I had tamales for brekkers today.