Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"Don't let your tinsel get tangled"

was the wisdom I saw on a I walked around the lake in the EXACT same outfit I wore in July.  Yes.  It's hot.

But we're still getting ready for Santa.  Did a test run of the cookies last night, and what do you know?  I think the reindeer came by and ate them.

Thanks be for friends who understand exactly what kind of white board is needed for my fridge and for the past year~fun gift to receive today.


  1. Heh. I think I'm going to turn in my Humane Society "Things To Fetch" list in order to make room for my list of people to destroy.

    Yeesh, I'm hearing complaints of mosquitoes in NY. That WE don't have them and THEY do is *truly* weird!! Hope it cools down enough for a mild Christmas.

  2. Just read that it's the same temp today in NYC as they had on the 4th of July. Truly bizarre Dec.

  3. Cookies look yummy! Hope you left more out for the reindeer...they get hungry ya know!

  4. Those are peppermint Jo-Jo's dipped in dark chocolate~glad they only sell them once a year!