Friday, December 30, 2016

gioia sulla spiaggia

Enjoying what had now become a New Year's tradition~eclairs (both savory [cherve, thyme, and 'shrooms] and sweet~well, British sweet cream.  Which isn't.)  Should I ever win the lottery, I am becoming a pastry chef.

Back to beach to say good riddance to this year.  The only drawback to a Texas life was no ocean (the Gulf doesn't count)~so I am savoring the fact that I can jump in my car and be seaside within an hour or two. 

And I've said (ad nauseam, I'm sure) that the school year is the new year for me, there will  still be long beach walks pondering what's next for me.

My countdown clock tells me that I have only 160 more days until I can begin a new (urban) chapter! 

Happy to see the Christmas display still up.  If the wind dies down, I may go back out when it's dark to get some twinkly shots. 

If you squint, you'll the little wooden angel that a high school friend sent to me last Christmas~I've dubbed her Gioia (Italian for 'joy') and she's gone on many adventures with me this year.

little wooden sprite
thanks for the interesting
spin around the earth

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