Saturday, December 10, 2016

sugar & spice

Per the usual planning around here, we were told at the last minute that we were to do a baking project with our dorm community (small groups of 10).  Fortunately, I generally have baking supplies on hand.   I also am happy to have any excuse to bring out the spray (GENIUS idea) Modge-Podge and glitter pots.

They will be finding glitter in these floor boards for a few years/tenants later. 

Chocolate/Peppermint cheesecake station

Fudge station

Gingerbread cookie station


these are the faces 
I see; every time I hear
the bigots blather


  1. There WILL be glitter everywhere, forever. Trust. We didn't even bring it upstairs, and somehow it's in the hall carpets???

    1. It's now in my work office. Somehow. Ah well, there are worse legacies than glitter!