Monday, December 19, 2016

I don't even know how to say thank you

While we were at the Christmas dinner after Lessons & Carols, a student (whom I don't know) approached me with a gift from a secret Santa and told me that the package was fragile.  I peeked in and thought it was an enormous gold-wrapped chocolate.  There are a couple of my colleagues who I thought might be the donors (the one who gave me the rosemary plant in Bogart's memory was my first choice), but when I opened it?  I discovered that it was a hand-crafted urn for Bogart's ashes crafted by our art teachers.  

how do you form words
to express bone-marrow deep
gratitude for grace?


  1. I, an onlooker,
    to unmerited favor
    see friendship's first steps

    1. !!

      Between Bulgarian immigrants & myself.