Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The more I ponder this, the more I like it.


  1. Perhaps it is ancestral or something to think suffering is A Good Thing. Truly, Puritan roots.However, neither is it a sin not to be "happy" in the way that other people are, nor count as "happiness" the gains that most people want, nor accept as acceptable what other people feel they need. Maybe this needs to be rewritten as, "It's okay to be CONTENT WITH YOU," because most of what I see people suffering in this life is complaining that "by now" they were "supposed" to have done this/that, or because they are this/that, they should have this/that.

    Maybe I'll make a pretty poster that says "Discontent is really boring."
    < /rant >

    1. Well, I dislike the concept that this whole earthly life is supposed to be miserable but if you make it to the ever-after, then you get to be happy.

      Contentedness is to be highly valued!

    2. Yeah, that's just really stupid theology. I've become very scornful of theology which doesn't actually relate to or help real people -- can't possibly be true, just crud people make up to control others and/or make other people's lives harder, for reasons yet undiscovered.