Wednesday, April 9, 2014

things cardinal

Just wrapping up an intensive five-week interview/audition process~am actually very tired of talking about myself, my teaching philosophy, and my life's history/trajectory.   Finished the final audition today and went for a walk and saw a gorgeous cardinal sitting and watching me.

According to Google~the font of all wisdom~these birds are a sign of vitality, cheer and clarity.  And something about the cycles of life and readiness.

Good enough for me to claim a bit of a cheery omen.


  1. Srsly, Google!? Could perhaps birds be a sign of the presence of trees and flowers? Maybe springtime? Because, believe it or not, you don't get birds without nature. Sans vitality and clarity, though, there still seem to be a lot of birds...

    Patience to you, as you wait... patience and sanity.