Sunday, April 27, 2014

slices of life

Walked into work this weekend and found that we all were gifted with a gorgeous grand piano in the recital space!   We were all sneaking in between lessons to play it~gorgeous tone. 

 And then it was time to explore another 'only in Austin' sort of event...

Attended Eeyore's Birthday Party~all kinds of weird Austin on display.   The invite said costumes and we presumed it was to be Milne-related, but oh no.  Not by a mile.

 As it was sweltering, we voted to leave after one full loop around Pease Park.

That Willy Wonka moment of opening a gorgeous bar of chocolate.

In progress for marscapone cheese pots.

Transformation complete.


  1. I would think the point of an Eeyore party is to cheer people up -- so I would expect a very cheery party. Personally fulfilling silver/gold spray paint apparently worked for THAT couple. And green/ blue bodypaint. Because, reasons.

    Eeyore is, if not cheered up, at least completely nonplussed. Any new feeling is adventure.

    1. I left out the main bulk of photos~could have sworn I wandered into an S&M gathering. Definitely not a children's party~or maybe it was in the morning and it morphed by afternoon?

  2. Congrats on the new piano.

  3. I notice you didn't take any selfies! Are we to guess what you went as?