Saturday, September 6, 2014

fitness vs./and health

Had my first physical this morning~probably been a decade since I have had just a basic check up.  Am feeling happy over the results of my lifestyle choices and lucky with my healthy upbringing.  They had three people come and double-check my results as it seems (at least inwardly) I am a 25-yo male.   They made me do the treadmill stress-test TWICE because it wouldn't register anything.  Seems my heart is too healthy for the national standard.  Woot!   

I chalk part of that up to my recent squash lessons.   Is it wrong to celebrate with ice cream?


  1. Congrats on being so healthy.

  2. Squash? Huh. The link is to the UK, so I guess you WOULD be healthy if you were jogging all that way to play... ☺

    1. Also: SQUASH? Srsly? Hipster ==========> YOU.

    2. It's an INTENSE workout and so cathartic. I think the extreme focus it requires is perfect for recuperating from hordes of middle schoolers.

      And I'm plotting to recruit and find more women so we can have our own league. Yes, we want a room of our own and a league of our own.

  3. Wow - congratulations! Nice to impress the health professionals, eh?