Saturday, December 20, 2014

snowman poops

The Grinch was lit the second visit to the fabulous Trail of Lights.

Some of my stash o' loot collected yesterday.

And yes, my vocabulary is regressing teaching middle school, but this got dubbed the snowman poops sweater yesterday.  I fully participated in the Ugly Sweater Day~picking up this gem at a used clothing store.  As I walked into the main building one of the LS (Lower School) teachers (whom I do not really know) said, "Oh, I thought it was tacky sweater day!"

I just smiled because I wasn't sure if she thought this was elegance and didn't want to offend her clothing sense.

Anyway, I am three Christmas movies and a couple of cookies into my beloved vacation!!!


  1. "...I thought it was TACKY SWEATER DAY????" Oh, dear.

    1. Exactly. Mayhaps if I were 87, this wouldn't be tacky.

    2. That passing comment still cracks me up! And, nope. Snowman poops still = tacky. ;D

    3. Yes, it shall remain tacky forever in my closet. Thank you for the shopping assist!!!