Saturday, December 6, 2014

stickin' with the choco theme

It's 75 degrees (after the sun sets), but the merchants are Determined to create festal scenes.  Methinks the outdoor fireplace and wreath would be a smidge more noel-ly if there were the slightest nip in the air.

Chocolate-mint bread pudding to celebrate a long week of rehearsals~pleasantly run, might I add?


  1. Ice cream for Christmas works for me.
    Was in Laguna Hills yesterday and had to take off my cardi - it was seventy-some degrees, and I was like, "I am PERSPIRING in December." It was kind of odd.

    I saw flip flops. I don't think I'd enjoy that long-term.

  2. Well, we go between that and 19 degrees~I'd like a little consistency. As would my plants and pet.

  3. Well, you can leave your flip flops behind for a week. You won't need them here!