Monday, February 16, 2015

road trippin'

Took advantage of an extra day of weekend to check off another to-visit place on my list~Gruene Hall.  Heard a fun group called the Bellfuries~part of a new genre of music that has started here in Austin.  

Begun as a way to save and reclaim authentic roots music, it is now becoming a 'thing'.  If you're interested, check on this site on Ameripolitan music.

Incongruous site in the hills of Texas~foreign mini car with eyelashes!

And with the temps plummeting into the 20s, it was time to turn on the oven.
Now off to the Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday portion of the year.


  1. Hm, interesting. No music comes from nowhere, though; Texas music did not spring fully formed from the forehead of some hill country Zeus. It has its roots in Irish, Latino and African American (slave) music, despite few probably eager to admit it.