Friday, February 26, 2016

more delights

One of the founders of the school brings around a party cart about once a month~this morning she was outside my door with goodies.  All I wanted was one of the fun paper straws, but she insisted that I needed something to go with said straw.  Shall we just say that with the hit of sugar/caffeine that the songs were zippy in Chapel this morning?? 

Actually was home while it was light enough for one of my beloved lake walks.

Gorgeous twilight~and now I need to go re-read Jane Kenyon's Let Evening Come.


  1. Briefly I had a Seattle flash, looking at the picture of the lake. Green Lake it is not, but twilight, close!

    I am snickering at the idea of you playing the Chapel hymns even faster...

    1. I need to always live by water.

      And the peeps in Chapel this morning? Have never sung "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" at that tempo!!!