Wednesday, February 24, 2016

wrapping up

the end of the trimester...still not fond of teaching the year in segments of three (I prefer a full year term or two semesters), but am learning to fit a year's worth of curriculum into 12 weeks.

One of the seminars I took in grad school was in a Brazilian method of teaching rhythm.  

I first tried teaching it last spring~each class gets a little bit better (and I've STILL no way of writing it out in our bureaucratic forms for curriculum.)

But!  My kids are having SO much fun and they're collaborating and stomping and clapping and laughing for a full 50 minutes.  That, to me, is successful education.


  1. You can teach it but can't write it up? - Oh, because it's in Portuguese... kind of problematic, that. But, these are the same kids who do interpretive dance to national anthems? I could totally see them getting into this.

    I must see them dance O, Canada someday...

    1. No~this is the person at whose altar, we're supposed to bow in curriculum awe: And the Arts/Athletics just don't work well in boxes.