Sunday, February 14, 2016

Moreau memories

Honors Choir in Salzburg

This may be the oddest Valentine blog, but I just found out that a former student passed away a couple of weeks ago.  Both Erwin and his sister, Sherilyn, were in:  jazz, Campus Ministry, men/women's, regular choirs.  It was a delight to watch them graduate from uni and launch into their adult lives.   And now, this?

Erwin and Sam hearing Gershwin in NYC

Not much to say~simply sitting and remembering some joyful days/concerts.


  1. I've been considering the Biblical statement, "in this world you will have trouble."

    Perhaps it should come as less of a surprise.

    I wish you peace on this - it's always dreadful to outlive a younger friend - always, always - but it seems this person was jolly and kind, and I hope that is memory enough.

    1. He was and it's been wonderful to catch up with his sister and assorted alumni.