Thursday, February 25, 2016

sweetness, smushed

One of my cute little piano students came flying across the dining hall today~distraught that she had forgotten to give me my Valentine at the proper time.  Thank gawd that Peeps are indestructible and one cannot even tell this had been at the bottom of her backpack for the past ten days.

I told her that I would float it in my morning coffee~she was a bit disappointed that I didn't put it in the mug that I was carrying, but then she agreed that marshmallows in tea didn't sound like a good idea.

It is the small things.  Truly.


  1. You float Peeps in your
    Did not know one could do that. *shudder* Well, it certainly saves you sweetening it.

  2. Yes! About twice per year~the peppermint Xmas stars are surprisingly tasty in coffee.