Tuesday, May 24, 2016

from the humid rains of the last week of school, good Lord, deliver us

Amazingly, after I let them lie on the floor with their shoes off?  My boys' choir had a great rehearsal.

It's a week of high sentimentality. 

Charlie (from the musical) makes a masque in 5th grade history class.

Some smile and enjoy the process, others don't care for plaster water running down their necks and/or into their ears.  What can I say~when you're dealing with 10 year-old artisans, you pretty much take what you get. 

I've been blasting the a/c, trying to counteract the heavy humidity of the week, so that these are dry today for the fun of decorating.  I love (sincerely love) having my classroom covered in glitter.

A sweet and rather honest note given after yesterday's small recital.  My teacher heart is happy.


  1. Replies
    1. I have the a/c cranked~the kids are shivering as they try to paint!

  2. You're obviously doing a good job. The job description has unintended consequences. Yeah for the note!