Thursday, May 5, 2016


While the PTA hosted a gorgeous Mexican meal for Teacher Appreciation Week, I was torn about attending because the Dining Hall was serving my favourite menu today.  I decided I would ask the chefs if they had any take-away containers and I would gather my beloved spanakopitas for dinner.  

Not only did they have a box, they gave them to me for free!

Another peaceful lake hike~which I desperately needed as some nitwit decided we ought to have a FIRE DRILL in the middle of my dress rehearsal.  Colour me irritated~I have to fight for every music moment on campus and then when that gets stomped upon.  Yeah.  The miles around the lake were needed.  

I spied the first fireflies of the season!  I stood still for about five minutes and took photo after picture, but didn't capture any of the twilight magic.


  1. ...yeah, all of my pictures of fireflies only work in the flat dark. Ah, well.

    Lovely that they give you Greek food for snack!

    1. I guess I ought to put fireflies in the same slot as moonlight; as far as things magical that cannot be captured by a small camera!