Friday, May 6, 2016

Seasons of Love

A most hysterical math rap done over Theatre vignettes

Just finished with the Trinity Voices Showcase~it's only my second year in teaching/creating this class and it's different every time.  The basic premise is to showcase all the creative electives that we offer~from bells to robotics to Model UN to Creative Writing, as well as all the musical and theatrical choices.  

Am not at all ashamed to admit that I buy the love of students

The anchors' desk

The opening slide

Pre-show calm

Blurred 6th grade poets
And now?  For the first time in six weeks, I get to be Laurie and just breathe for the weekend! (The blog title comes from what is now becoming the traditional end of the show~the choir (or whomever wants to sing with us) belting out Seasons of Love.

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