Saturday, May 14, 2016

some days,

it is good to be an adult because you get to choose to have ice cream for breakfast!  This was one of my souvenirs from my visit to the Air & Space Museum last month and it?  Was delicious.

Maybe it's because it brings back early memories of living in Alaska and tasting freeze dried food from the Elmendorf Air Force Base or from a camping/wilderness survival store, or maybe it's from my fascination with Wonka's meal-in-a-piece-of-gum~whatever the reason, it is fun in a foil wrapped package.  (I've yet to try the new foodie rage of foam as food.)


  1. Yeah, Just Say NO to the whole foam thing. I do love weirdly dehydrated foods and enjoy freeze-dried fruit as MY childhood "this is what the astronauts eat" taste; I somehow never got on well with the faux ice cream.

  2. It's mind-bending because it tastes exactly like ice cream, yet it's room temp & dry.

  3. Do they have freeze dried chocolate sauce to "sprinkle" on top?

    1. I didn't see any, but they only had a small selection in the museum shop.