Friday, June 13, 2014

poetic response to school violence

Don't really want to add to the cacophony of opinions and exclamations out there right now~will just say that while training to become a teacher, never EVER thought that I would need more of a combat sort of curriculum to survive in my career.


  1. And, I don't think you do.
    If someone comes onto your campus with a weapon, no combat training is going to save you - God is, or He isn't. I really disagree with all of the hoopla that says teachers should be going out on ranges and learning to shoot, etc. No - you learn to do drills and get your kids on the floor and/or out of a window and to a rendezvous point, you consider a shooter like a more dangerous and out-of-control fire, and you consider how you, and the school administration treats students and former students. Because again and again, the people who do this are upset with perceived slights. Sometimes not just imagined ones... but against the imaginary ones, again, there's nothing anyone can do.

    I guess that's not an answer that people like, but you're much more likely to get hit by lightning, even with the number of times this has happened.

    1. It just makes me weary. And grateful that I am in the arts & hopefully am creating some hope/beauty/understanding on this chaotic world.