Tuesday, June 17, 2014

settling in

One of the first things I found in my boxes as I sliced open all the carefully placed packing tape.  Notice the glamorous view of the parking alley.  

Always nice to have friends who waft to international conferences~have never had saffron in my kitchen before~eager to try it in a recipe or two.

Found a penny on the first moving day and a nickel on the second~if this rate of inflated findings continues, it would be a good thing.

 Still waiting for them to get this stove/oven up and running. 

So thrilled to find a package in my first batch of mail~beautiful scarf (which I somehow don't seem to have a photo of.  Yet.) from my adopted godmother.

Bogart got over his moving tiff very quickly when he found the rug is in the path of the a/c unit.

Doesn't show well, but this is sparkly bits of glass along the sidewalk to the main street.

And I now have HOURS of bubble wrap therapy ahead!


  1. Love that oven corner nook, and all the plants. Looks like it'll be a comfy wee place.
    And yes to bubble wrap therapy!

    1. And the neighborhood is SO walkable!! Going to the free museum day tomorrow on the UT campus~happy heart.

  2. Love, love the kitchen. Don't forget to shoot us the latest snail-mail address. Wishing you happiness in your new abode, with many happy walks.

  3. Like "walkable" - like "bubble wrap therapy" - would like the rate of inflation on your found currency to continue without end.