Thursday, January 28, 2016

Paint Night (I refuse to use the marketing term, Paint Nite)

One of my colleagues is having a bumpy first year at our school, so when she asked if I wanted to use a Groupon and go painting with her, I said "yes!"  We had a very fun time~although, I think I created a floating onion instead of the graceful lotus in the demo painting.

All that Tabula Rasa just waiting.

If I weren't so tired from three 12-hour back-to-back days, I would write something pithy and metaphoric about how things look messy, but are merely in development to something gorgeously blooming.


  1. It's the floating Awesome Blossom (TM)!
    I wouldn't have seen an onion until you said it, I think it's very whimsical.

    I'm glad you and your friend are Doing Art. Our little pottery painting place in town has painting nights now, as well as break-tiles-and-glue-them-on-things nights, too. Catharsis is good!

    1. We keep bugging the art teachers here at school to do a pottery class, so we can make salad bowls for our new salad bar. We are all building such huge salads this year, they fall off the plates.

      I like the idea of smash and glue.

  2. Replies
    1. It was! I'd do it again, except how many paintings do I want/need in my small place?