Thursday, April 28, 2016

Capitol things

After all of the monuments, memorials, and things historical~we made it to the Capitol.  We got to pose in the rain for a group photo.  And then stand in ankle-deep water to meet one of our Congressmen.  You'd think he would have at least invited us to stand under the eaves.  But no.  His staffers kept his bouffant dry under many umbrellas while he blathered on. 

In the Hall of Statues, each state gets to choose whom they want~this is Stephen F. Austin. 

Why they chose to make a dome of iron in a damp region, is unclear~it rusts out every few years.  They are in the process of cleaning it up for the next Inauguration.  

The original chambers for the Supreme Court. 

As I've spent most of my life in California, I had to include Junipero Serra.

Just some lovely architectural details in some room~after four solid days of historing, I think I had reached the saturation point.

Wright plane

With the above mentioned rain, lunch ended up in the Air/Space Museum (along with 2000 other school groups.   

We then headed to the Holocaust Museum~while they allow photographs, it didn't feel right.  But this.  This quote needed to be captured. 

And, as we're in the middle of Passover, thought that I would take a photo of this child's version of the haggadah. 

As I boarded the bus to go to the airport, my colleagues told me that I should just hop the Metro right there to head to my sister's.  I did and I arrived to find sweet toddler faces and this treat on my pillow!

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