Tuesday, April 5, 2016

consider this rehearsal, dressed

Some of the most darling Oompa-Loompas you'll ever meet.

Final bows~I'll post some of the official photographs~these were just the quick ones I grabbed from the piano bench.

Our stalwart news anchors who reported on all the Golden Ticket winners.  Other than a eight foot pillar being knocked completely off the stage and down the steps, it was a fairly good final rehearsal.  Am glad that our first audience tomorrow is the Lower School group~they'll be enchanted no matter what happens.  And that will inspire the actors.

The parents with their miscreants.

Grandpa Joe, Charlie, and Wonka (yes, she is a girl Wonka!!!)

This little guy played Paris in the autumn production of Romeo and Juliet~he was on stage for maybe 6 minutes the entire show and stole the whole thing.  He's pretty much doing the same thing here.   He still has that mystical exuberance that children have that allows them to believe that a river just might be made entirely of chocolate.


  1. ..isn't there always something that gets knocked off stage when children are present??? How do they do that?

    Can't wait to see all those orange Oompa-Loompa faces. Spray Tan FTW!

    1. It was pretty dramatic, but I'll give the kids props for carrying on & not trying to fix it until the spotlights were in a different place!

      And now? The little squirrels WANT it to occur. I truly think there needs to be a "grey hair covering" fee for teachers!