Monday, April 25, 2016

leavin', actually already left, on an jet plane

One of my favourite students~Ori.  She spelled her name for the Starbucks barista and came away with a cup for "Moi".

Hazy slooooooowww approach~I thought I was over my sinus infection.  Evidently not by the sharp pains in my head.  But I got a couple of nice shots~here's one of the National Cathedral.

Did I mention that I got up at 3 a.m. and that we had a two-hour layover in Atlanta?  Oodles of fun trying to keep tabs on 56 teenagers in a major airport.

November birthstones at the Smithsonian.

Oh yes, the shrine of Ms. Julia Child.

Even though I wasn't a fan (I know, gasp and shh), Prince was a major influence in the music industry and it was interesting to see his guitar on display.

Ms. Obama's gorgeous dress. 

Smallest Texas flag I've seen.  Was irked that we had only TWO hours at the Smithsonian, but still crammed quite a bit in. 

The corner of Lafayette Park. 

All these times in DC, and I've yet to actually go into the House.

Gorgeous twilight. 

I tear up every time I climb these stairs and stand at the foot of this statue.

And because I am with 7th graders, all the poignancy of that moment was ended with them gasping in delight in recognizing a scene from Forrest Gump.

And now all the little squirrels are tucked in their rooms and we literally have two guards out in the hallways. Stay tuned for tomorrow's escapades.


  1. Oh, thanks for photographing St. Julia's kitchen; recognized those pots before I even realized it. Glad the exhibit remains; it astounds me how many people now don't know who she is anymore.

    ...probably hot as blazes there; hope you're still having a great time and some cherry blossoms are still lingering.

    1. Thankfully the novel & film with Ms. Streep has introduced a new generation to St. Julia.

      And today? We're freezing & drenched.

  2. So glad for your comment on the Lincoln Memorial. It took me by surprise how powerful the emotional impact of that place. Glad, in a real way, to know it was not a fluke.

    1. It is a sacred space~I think it hits most people.