Friday, April 22, 2016

life lesson #78

Listen to your body.  The first time it speaks.  While I did take a day off from school, I pretty much ignored what I thought were sniffles this week.  Then, I realized with an air-plane trip looming, I ought to see if it is a sinus infection (not something to discover at 40,000 ft).  I popped into see a doctor during lunch and found that I have the flu, and the sinus infection, AND pneumonia.  She asked me what the hell I was doing at work today. Um, finishing trimester grades and report card comments and running graduation rehearsals?

Now I am home with two shots in me and vials and bitters and pills.  And a blissfully free weekend for rest and respite.


  1. Sending wishes for a quick recovery. You're right; we tend to be oblivious to our own bodies and how much they can take. Glad you went to the doc.

  2. Thanks~I still forget that I have heath insurance for the first time in almost ten years! And I'm already feeling better.

  3. Vials and bitters and pills.
    Bitters? Like, what people put in vermouth? I had heard people take that when they're sick, but usually with stomach icks...

  4. Agree with TD - "vials and bitters and pills" must be a metaphor (or a quote from lore). I agree it's easy to ignore what our bodies try to tell us. Get well!